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About Us

Serving A Vast Number Of Loyal And Satisfied Clientèle LifeStyle Collection, established in 1987, has been serving a vast number of loyal and satisfied clientèle for more than than two decades. With Stores located in major cities of Pakistan, Lifestyle Collection represents World Renowned Brands in Pakistan Offering you the finest Swiss Watches, Eyewear and Men's Accessories. Lifestyle Collection is Pakistan's Finest Multi-Brand Watches and Eyewear Store which offers an unmatched range of the desirable Swiss watches and Eyewear across numerous International Brands. A team of skilled & trained consultants will help you choose from an array of premium brands to suit your style, taste and fashion flair.

Express Yourself

LifeStyle Collection spreads the Swiss watchmaking culture and tradition making you accessible to not just an experience, but an experience for generations to come, as Swiss watches are notorious to be carried down through lineages. In today’s world a watch is more than just telling time. More than being a status symbol & a sign of prestige, it’s about expressing yourself, your identity, your flavor, your enthusiasm for fashion and so much more.

At Our Doorstep

We ensure that our modern yet full of heritage watch boutiques gives the familiarity of the Swiss Watch World so that you not just buy a watch, you own it and grow to adore it, fall in love with it. Our highly equipped watch service center with our professional and skilled technicians warrant that your watch ticks till the end of time giving you the satisfaction that your timepiece still functions like the day it come out of the Swiss watch-making workshop.